[AG-TECH] BridgeServer problems

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Mon Aug 23 10:44:51 CDT 2004


on and off i've been testing a BridgeServer with a VenueServer i have
running.  both servers are running on the same machine for the tests. the
machine is Fedora core2 linux running well behaved AG2.3beta.

before i start the BridgeServer, my VenueServer works well.  after i start
the BridgeServer that is pointing at my VenueServer, the VenueServer ceases
to start services properly.  if i start a VenueClient and go to my bridge-
enabled VenueServer's virtual venues, neither RAT nor VIC will fire up.

my BridgeServer complains:
using multicast
ucport[data]=46238  ucport[rtcp]=46239
mcport[data]=59936  mcport[rtcp]=59937
making multicast port[0]
making multicast port[1]
No bridge.acl file found, no ACL set


my VenueClient complains:
resource defaultTTL Vic
bind: Address already in use
rat-4.2.22-media: main_engine.c:200: rendezvous_with_controller: Assertion `sp[i]->rtp_session[0] != ((void *)0)' failed.


as soon as i kill the BridgeServer and re-connect to the VenueServer with a
VenueClient, all of the services come up fine.
i'm sure that it is a good idea to run both a VenueServer and its
BridgeServer on the same machine.  i only have 1 good FC2 machine at the
are both servers competing for the same IO ports?



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