[AG-TECH] OS X vic... almost uses iSight!

Jerome jeremy.knope at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 17:50:35 CDT 2004

So I was interested in playing with my iSight via the QuickTime API,
when I got curious about openmash's OS X support

so i took a looky see, uses QuickTime VideoDigitizer component...
which doesn't work with iSight and other cameras i guess.

So i got it all working up to a point now, you can choose the Mac OS X
device and it'll load an iSight fine it seems, only problem is the
image is 90% green, assuming it's wrong codec.
I can't get it to load the component video component 'yuv2' which
seems to be what vic likes....

just thought i'd mention this, and ask if there's anybody on the list
that's an OS X user and might know anything or anyone that could help,
let me know. :)

I'm excited i got it to display some video since the only method
currently seemed to be QuickTime broadcaster

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