[AG-TECH] Ospreys & FC2

Don Lewis djlewis at ualr.edu
Fri Aug 20 10:44:26 CDT 2004

Thank you for that information Stuart.
  We are planning to purchase new computers and video capture to
replace our aging AG1.x system. In several posts on this Tech
group I have asked if there is a known to work hardware
solution. While I don't nind a challenge it took us almost
two years getting Dell to write newer BIOS before the 4 Hauppage
cards would work together. We had to abandon Dell for our
Display computer. So we wound up with more expenditure than
should have been required.
   Please anyone chime in and contribute their recommendations
for a full AG2.x functioning system. We don't require a turnkey

Don Lewis
Little Rock, Arkansas

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Dear All,

I'm pleased to report that I finally have 4 working osprey cards under

I still have to manually change the input to s-video for each card on
changing venues, I've not tried to resolve this yet.

I'm hoping to carry out tests on Monday, probably starting around 9am
GMT if anyone is around please let me know your assistance will be
greatly appreciated.



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