[AG-TECH] Add Video Producer Help

Chris Rosenthal cmr at evl.uic.edu
Wed Aug 18 16:10:33 CDT 2004

Does anyone know what the following means?


Exception: Error adding service: Exception: AGServiceManager.AddService
failed: Unknown reason


Right now, I wanted to try a two machine setup on 2.1.2.  The RedHat 7.3
machine will do the video capture as it has done for a long time and the new
WinXP machine will handle the rest.  I was able to add the video capture
machine as a service manager, but when I went to add a video producer
service, it threw the above exception.  Anyone know where or why this is






Chris Rosenthal

Phone: (312) 996-3002

Email: cmr at evl.uic.edu

Electronic Visualization Laboratory

University of Illinois - Chicago


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