[AG-TECH] 2.2 video problems.

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Aug 17 20:22:29 CDT 2004

Hi Vic,

> So I can force vic to show my video streams, but I still can't get the
> NodeSetupWizard to acknowledge them...
> Here's what I did...
> I started AGServiceManager (attached AGS2.OUT output)
> Then I started the NodeSetupWizard (attached NODES.OUT) which again only
> showed x11 as a video source.
> So I started up the Venue Client and then started an AGNodeService
> (AGN.OUT).  Adding the localhost as a service manager and adding a
> VideoConsumer service along with a VideoProducer service (again only x11
> visible), I then see ~.AccessGrid/local_services/VideoConsumerService and
> VideoProducerService.
> I initiate vic using ./vic localhost/1283 (VIC2.OUT)  I then manipulate
> port and device and lo and behold I see my video feed.
> So, did I find a bug?  What do I win?  Can I win a fix if I can't create
> one?

Snippet from your attached AGServiceManager log file:
08/17/04 11:17:43 1075394784 Platform Config.py:670 INFO /proc/video/dev
does not exist; no video devices detected

It's a bug with AGTk 2.2, /proc/video/dev does not exist, which is typically
because kernel 2.6/V4L2 is being used.

The fix is to use AGTk 2.3 Beta1 or modify the following file:
(it might be located in the python2.2 site-packages directory instead)

The modification involves replacing the GetResources function with the
version from CVS's Config.py:


Then add the following import lines somewhere in the top of Config.py:
  import fcntl
  import glob
  import struct

CVS (and 2.3 Beta1) also has version's of VideoProducerService.py and
VideoService.py which fixes issues with S-Video port selection.


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