[AG-TECH] single XP machine video capture

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Aug 16 15:09:28 CDT 2004

How does the Winnov not work?  Are you referring to the 4400?  Is this one 
that you've tested in 2.3?  In 2.1.2, the card works, but you have to do 
some register modifications to get it to understand that there are 4 
separate streams for vic to pay attention to.

I haven't installed 2.3 on any of my machines that have 4400 cards yet, so 
I can't speak from personal experience.


At 12:00 PM 8/16/2004, Fred Dech wrote:
>i've been plodding through the archives in search of the best 4-headed or
>4 individual video capture card solution to work in
>A Single XP PC Node with AG2.2+.
>Who's Got This Licked?
>4 card solution:
>    i guess that multiple Osprey cards work better than multiple Hauppage
>    cards in XP.
>1 card solution:
>    i looked at the Osprey 230 specs, but my impression is that it does not
>    support 4 SVideo inputs...
>    Spectra8?  looks like composite inputs, but hey.
>    'any 4 input SVideo cards people have had success with?
>    i know that the Winnov Videum card doesn't work.

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