[AG-TECH] single XP machine video capture

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Mon Aug 16 14:00:14 CDT 2004


i've been plodding through the archives in search of the best 4-headed or
4 individual video capture card solution to work in
A Single XP PC Node with AG2.2+.

Who's Got This Licked?

4 card solution:
   i guess that multiple Osprey cards work better than multiple Hauppage
   cards in XP.

1 card solution:
   i looked at the Osprey 230 specs, but my impression is that it does not
   support 4 SVideo inputs...

   Spectra8?  looks like composite inputs, but hey.

   'any 4 input SVideo cards people have had success with?

   i know that the Winnov Videum card doesn't work.



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