Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Aug 16 03:55:54 CDT 2004


>   Iam karthik from University of Kentucky, lexington USA
> iam installing AG2 on fedora core 2.  I have successfully installed the
> ag2 in all my machines. ( it is a room based node). i have a question
> how do i run rat, vic from the command line, rather than starting from
> the interface.
> to tell more abt my configuration. it is a room based node with display
> and the control runs windows and the audio and video runs fedora core 2.

Since AGTk 2.2 for both Windows and Linux, vic and rat are zipped up in the
media services (VideoService, etc.) zip files.

On Linux, the zip files are:

And they get copied and unzipped as you enable and use them in AGTk to:

So, to start rat on the command line, you could do something like:

~/ .AccessGrid/local_services/AudioService/rat

And similarily for vic.


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