[AG-TECH] CyberSTEM Demonstrations Today from 11:30am to 1:00pm

Duncan Waddell d.waddell at uq.edu.au
Thu Aug 12 19:38:49 CDT 2004

Hello Everyone,

Today the University of Queensland's Centre for Microscopy and 
Microanalysis (CMM) will be conducting two Live Electron Microscopy 
(CyberSTEM) sessions with remote schools in Queensland and both will be 
publically mirrored to the Asia Pacific Access Grid for the first time. 
Everyone is most welcome to join us!

CMM will be go on-line from the CMM's new JEOL 6460 LA Scanning Electron 
Microscope (SEM) and will mirror all the action to the Nanostructural 
Analysis Network Organisation's own AG virtual room (NANO) to ensure 
that our audio does not disrupt the wider AG community.  We will not 
have our AG speakers on during the mirroring so as not to confuse our 
CyberSTEM participants but we will certainly watch for text messages in 
our Venues Server window if you wish to interact with us.

TIME:  11:30am - 1:00pm (less than an hour from now!)


Getting there:  Enter Institutional Lobby from the General APAG Lobby ( 
https://vv2.ap-accessgrid.org:8000/Venues/default ) and you will then 
see the NANO room

         Audio:  	ttl=127  	(rat)
         Video: 	ttl=127 	(vic)


At 11:30am we will collaborate with two schools in Bundaberg (Central 
Queensland Coast) then;
At 12:15am we will collaborate with Ironside State School locally here 
in Brisbane.

The sessions will be broadcast to a room in which the students will be 
able to talk with microscopists, teachers and facilitators via a 
conference phone and be able see us and the SEM images on the school 
data projector screen. Remote schools can also control one of the room 
cameras to discover a modern SEM laboratory. Telstra has kindly 
organised conference calls for all active participants. There will also 
be 3 selected Ironside SS students in the lab with us during the broadcast.

We will spend about half of each session focussing on fireants and then 
will examine a small range of other samples e.g. lice, pin head and tip; 
Gecko foot, fruitfly maggot; human and dog hair etc.



P.S.  Don't forget Jason Bell's presentation (CQU) starts at 2:00pm in 
the APAG Lobby so you have a whole hour for lunch! :-)

Duncan Waddell  (BSc)
Principal Scientific Officer
Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis
The University of Queensland.   St. Lucia.  Qld.  4072
Telephone:      +61-7-3365-4216
Facsimile:      +61-7-3365-1775
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