[AG-TECH] what comes next?

Dondon Carlos dondonc at asti.dost.gov.ph
Tue Aug 10 05:13:21 CDT 2004

Good morning to everyone!

My question would be more on the step-by-step processes in exploring the access grid capabilities and apparently designing a program to make it more productive for our institution. We have tested sucessfully our access grid and multicast connectivity. We have done some test meetings with other access grid nodes, particularly with Australian access grid nodes. These meetings basically involve just plain conversations on the VIC and RAT. Right now, we are working on constructing our own access grid node. After this setup, what activities, other applications testing or common technology testing do we need to do in order to say that the access grid node is really working? Aside from the vic and rat and of course the venue client software, are there any other tools that we miss testing? I will really appreciate any additional inputs. Thank you.  
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