[AG-TECH] Problems using webcam?

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Aug 9 03:28:10 CDT 2004

Hi Michael,

> So I finally got the Fedora 2 kernel upgraded and the pwc module is
> loaded.  I went and got Doug's updated vic from the tar file and put it in
> /home/mimiller/.AccessGrid/local_services/VideoProducerService

That's the correct location, unless you are using VideoService instead.

The new Fedora AGTk 2.3 beta 1 RPMs contain versions of vic which
incorporate the patch.

> I moved the old one out of the way of course.
> However, I still get the green screen from the QuickCam.  Did I put the
> vic in the wrong place?

You could try running vic directly from the command-line, e.g:
  cd ~/.AccessGrid/local_services/VideoProducerService

Click the menu button, then click transmit and then see if there are any
useful diagnostic messages being printed out.

You might also want to have a look at /var/log/messages and see if there are
any hints there as to what could be going wrong.

Perhaps your webcam doesn't support either YUV422P or YUV420P pixel formats
for capture that vic requires.


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