[AG-TECH] Osprey Cards....... Desperation

John I Quebedeaux Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Fri Aug 6 16:34:55 CDT 2004


I now have a windows xp system with 4 osprey's running with AG 2.1.2. 
You have to go back, after the initial installation of the osprey's 
current version of the drivers, to install the VfW version of the 
drivers. I came across documentation to do just this with the software 
that came with the Osprey's. This involved getting the drivers, 
manually updating the driver to the older version for each card... 
rinse repeat...

At least, this is what worked for me. Then, fix the video to 288x352, 
s-video, etc.

Then, the problem I had was with 4 cards - while the osprey software 
would see them just fine and they were all registered - but somehow the 
4th card wouldn't show up on the list available in the VideoProducer. 
What would show up was the WDM driver. So, I had one of the osprey's go 
through that instead (set in the osprey software to set defaults if I 
recall correctly) and thus got all 4 cards going simultaneously. All 
seems fine now. So, a little tweaking involved...

Now I'm ready to try 2.2 again with some of the fixes/hacks now out 

-John Q.
John I. Quebedeaux, Jr.
Louisiana State University
Computer Manager / LBRN & CCT / 131 Life Sciences Bldg. & 339 Johnston 
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On Jul 23, 2004, at 3:16 AM, Stuart Poulton wrote:

> No joy again,
> I still get complaints from the osprey driver that I need simulstream.
> Does anyone have 4 osprey cards working under windows XP with any
> version of the accessgrid software ?
> Regards
> Stuart
> On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 13:42, A Quay wrote:
>> Stuart,
>> This hack from Darran worked for me and saved my life!
>> -andy
>> Problem:
>> For nodes with multiple Osprey cards running AGTk-2.2 under Windows 
>> XP,
>> multiple instances of vic contend for the same capture card.  The
>> workaround is to manually resolve the vic contentions after changing
>> venues.  This is a pain.  Pending a proper fix, you might wish to try
>> the following.  It works for us - your mileage may vary.
>> Hack:
>> 1) On your video machine, open the file
>> c:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\AccessGrid\Platform\win32\Config.py
>>     Save a copy of this file so you can undo the following if
>>     necessary.
>> 2) Line 985 should be the definition of the SystemConfig class
>>     method GetResources:
>>      def GetResources(self):
>>          """
>>          Return a list of the resources available on the system
>>          """
>>      ...
>> 3) This method builds a list of AGVideoResource entries (one
>>     for each capture device) by scanning your Windows registry.
>>     Our registry did not contain entries for both Osprey cards.
>>     Rather than change the registry, the following hack sets
>>     the list of "found" resources explicitly.
>>     Around line 1020, a return statement sends back the list
>>     of discovered resources.  Insert the following code indented
>>     the same amount as the final return statement.
>>          # hack to hardcode known resources
>>          resourceList = list()
>>          resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(
>>              'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 1','producer',
>>              ['external-in']))
>>          resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(
>>              'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 2','producer',
>>              ['external-in']))
>>          resourceList.append( AGVideoResource(
>>              'video', 'o100vc.dll - Osprey Capture Card 3','producer',
>>              ['external-in']))
>>          print "hack to hardcode known video resources ..."
>>          return resourceList
>> 4) Save and restart your video machine AGServiceManager.  You
>>     should see the "hack to hardcode .." print statement output.
>> 5) "Manage my node" and remove and re-add the VideoProducer services.
>>     You should be prompted for the desired resource.
>> 6) Let me know if it works ...
>> Cheers,
>> Darran.

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