[AG-TECH] bootable live cd iso avalaible to download

Joseph joseph at cs.usyd.edu.au
Thu Aug 5 22:40:24 CDT 2004


An iso of a remastered knoppix is now available to download on this page :  
http://people.vislab.usyd.edu.au/~joseph/index.html .

It uses chrony for the time aspects and is customized for AccessGrid : an  
anonymous certificate is installed by default and a quick launcher for  
AccessGrid is present.

Currently, all the images are the ones of knoppix, but it could be easily  
changed if never someone wanted to.

Just boot on the cd and it should be working. However, depending of your  
specific hardware, some troubles may appear. Check : www.knoppix.net for  
more information and especially  
http://download.linuxtag.org/knoppix/knoppix-cheatcodes.txt for cheatcodes  
usable at boot time.


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