[AG-TECH] Quick question on BridgeServer

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Thu Aug 5 01:40:03 CDT 2004

Based on my experience, i wouldn't advice running the venue server on a
windows machine. In our case the continuous operation of the server
periodically causes severe crashes of windows, making the whole system
inoperatebale. This can then only be resolved by completely turning off the
machine and restart it again. As in normal cases you don't want to do this
every 3 to 4 days. It is not acceptable at least in our case.
Therefore we are running the venue server on Fedora Core 1 machine without
any problems so far.

Michael Braitmaier
HLRS - Visualization / Video Conferencing
University of Stuttgart
Website: http://www.hlrs.de/organization/vis/people/braitmaier/

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I'm setting up a venue server, which we do want to bridge. However we do
not wish to have the venue server on a Linux machine, since that requires
Redhat 7.3 and long outdated security packages. We have tried to set it up
on a Mandrake 9 unsuccessfully, but my question is this:

Can we have the venue server on a windows machine, and the bridge server
on a linux machine WITHOUT setting up the whole AG on the linux machine?
Just having the bridgeserver.py file on that machine? At least without
having to use the outdated security packages?

I know it is a pretty long shot... But worth asking, I think.

Thank you in advance,

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