[AG-TECH] AGTk questions

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 4 11:39:39 CDT 2004

Dioselin Gonzalez wrote:
> Hello,  I'm writing shared applications and have a few questions, I 
> apologize  in advance if they sound crazy :)
> 1. Can we store data of type other than string in the venue? Like 
> integers, lists, etc.  I see 'sharedAppClient.SetData("dataname", 123)' 
> raises an exception because the data value is not string.

You should be able to set (almost) any type of data you want.  I just
tried with ints, lists, and dicts and did not get an exception.  Could
you send more info?

> 2. Can I have different clients executing "SetData" to modify a global 
> shared variable in the venue? Is there some sort of lock mechanism?

Sure, anyone connected to the shared app can set data.  There is
currently no lock mechanism built into the shared app structure.

> 3. Same with upload, download files?  If a client is uploading a file, 
> and another attempts to upload another with the same name, will it raise 
> an error?

Currently, no error is raised.  The file will be overwritten.
The venue client handles this by checking for the presence of the file 
the upload, and prompting the user to overwrite it if it exists.  Your 
shared application could do something similar.

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