[AG-TECH] Quick question on BridgeServer

Benedikt Bjarni Bogason benedib at hi.is
Wed Aug 4 09:12:12 CDT 2004


I'm setting up a venue server, which we do want to bridge. However we do
not wish to have the venue server on a Linux machine, since that requires
Redhat 7.3 and long outdated security packages. We have tried to set it up
on a Mandrake 9 unsuccessfully, but my question is this:

Can we have the venue server on a windows machine, and the bridge server
on a linux machine WITHOUT setting up the whole AG on the linux machine?
Just having the bridgeserver.py file on that machine? At least without
having to use the outdated security packages?

I know it is a pretty long shot... But worth asking, I think.

Thank you in advance,

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