[AG-TECH] AGDP Reviewers Needed

Jim Miller jmiller at insors.com
Mon Aug 2 13:26:46 CDT 2004

With the success of AG2, related documentation is expected to increase.  The
AGDP is in need of reviewers to review the latest AG related documents.
The review process is critical to the accuracy of the documents that are
published on AGDP.


It doesn't take much time, just a review of a document a couple times a
month.  Since there is a team of reviewers, you are not required to review
every document due to time constraints or other reasons.  Please do not feel
technically intimidated!  You may not be familiar or an expert with a
document's topic, but you can still review for clarity and accuracy of the


If you are interested, please send a note to agdp-review at accessgrid.org.



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