[AG-TECH] Mac OS X Progress, RAT is being stuborn

Jerome jeremy.knope at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 19:25:30 CDT 2004

So I managed to treck thru hacking at VIC to compile under OS X
10.3.4, wasn't bad just header files with different paths...

haven't found much on OS X AG stuff besides hearing that there's a beta...

but i've been working on installing the various components for AGTk
2.2, Globus, PyGlobus, and other modules are all installed, but I'm
stuck at one thing that keeps me from continuing to explore...

gcc -g -O2 -W -Wall -Wbad-function-cast -Wmissing-prototypes 
channel.o channel_types.o cc_vanilla.o cc_rdncy.o cc_layered.o
render_3D.o repair.o  ts.o playout.o net.o source.o session.o
main_engine.o mbus_engine.o audio.o cushion.o mix.o parameters.o
transmit.o playout_calc.o ui_send_rtp.o ui_send_audio.o
ui_send_prefs.o ui_send_stats.o transcoder.o rtp_dump.o rtp_callback.o
settings.o pdb.o pktbuf.o tonegen.o voxlet.o fatal_error.o 
libuclaudio.a libuclcodec.a libuclsndfile.a 
-luclmmbase  -lm  -o rat-4.2.22-media
ld: Undefined symbols:

it looks to me this symbol is defined in the UCL MM library,
but attempting to try various other methods to linking it still ends
up with undefined symbol

anybody got suggestions? much appreciated

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