[AG-TECH] Will the Moo resurface?

Jeff Carpenter jeffc at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 23 15:36:14 CDT 2004

I still use the Mud chat whenever possible.  My moo interface (SimpleMu) is 
customizable with color coding.  Messages "to you" are one color and 
whispered messages are another.

I like being able to sideline a chat with a person without having to move 
to different venue by using the "whisper" command.


At 05:00 PM 4/22/2004 -0700, Randy Groves wrote:
>An interesting observation - how many people still do their back chat in 
>the Mud and not in the AG2 message facility?  How many people prefer the 
>Mud?  Any plans to re-incorporate the Mud into the AG?

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