[AG-TECH] An onslaught of questions

Steve Gallo smgallo at ccr.buffalo.edu
Fri Apr 23 09:53:00 CDT 2004

> Ron Crummett wrote:
> >
> >-My boss and I think that the bandwidth is the key issue here.  25 video streams, all transmitted at a rate near 100 
> kb/s...that's a total around 2.5 Mb/s, just under the capability of two T1s.  Is this an accurate estimate of the 
> per-stream video bandwidth (100 kb/s)?
> >
> The minimum connection is 100Mb/s.

We have been in conferences with sites that have only a T1.  They can't support
25 streams, but we did make adjustments to make things workable for small numbers
of streams.  My guess is that you can get by with much less than 100 Mb/s, more
like 15 Mb/s.


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