[AG-TECH] AG Showcase & Call for Participation Reminder (AG RETREAT 2004)

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 19 10:10:40 CDT 2004

C A L L   F O R   P A R T I C I P A T I O N

Access Grid Retreat 2004 - June 9-11, 2004
Toronto, Canada
Hosted by Ryerson University


The Access Grid (AG) Retreat 2004 will be held June 9-11 in Toronto, 
Canada. This year's meeting will be hosted by Ryerson University in their 
Rogers Communication Center, an ideal venue for collaboration and interaction.

    * March 20, 2004 - Registration Open
    * March 23, 2004 - Call for Participation Opens (Showcase and Program)
    * April 20, 2004 - AG Showcase Proposals Due (updated)
    * April 20, 2004 - CFP Proposals Due
    * (late) April 2004 - Notification to Speakers
    * May 20, 2004 - Final Presentation Material Due
    * May 25, 2004 - Registration Deadline (assuming availability)
The Access Grid is an ensemble of resources including multimedia 
large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and 
interfaces to Grid middleware and to visualization environments. These 
resources are used to support group-to-group interactions across the Grid.

The AG Retreat program provides an interactive forum for Access Grid 
community including developers, node operators and users.  The following 
topics represent priority issues for the Access Grid Retreat 2004 program:

Outreach to View Communities

Existing community presentations on:
-Improving the AG
-How is the AG used?
-Requirements from Diverse Communities

Examples of Shared Apps, Services

Ideas for External Services

Communities/Regional Activity Reports

Technology Talks
-pyGlobus, etc.
-IPv6 Services Support

Security Issues
-Firewall configuration
-Certificate Authority Innovations

The Access Grid Retreat is an opportunity for the AG community to share 
recent experiences and research findings, to present ideas for future AG 
technical directions, and to train and educate AG newcomers. Participants 
depend on the AG Retreats for critical updates on topics ranging from AG 
collaboration experiences to node installation and troubleshooting to AG 
development directions.

Speakers are requested to submit extended abstracts of no more than 1000 
words, not including figures or references.  Speakers should define their 
interest in submitting a proposed panel discussion (including title and 
proposed speakers) or for an individual presentation (including 
title).  Abstracts should be written so as to be self-contained and to 
provide the technical substance required for the program committee to 
evaluate the presenter's contribution, and to provide sufficient detail for 
the program.

Abstracts must be submitted by Tuesday, April 20, 2004.  Please submit to 
ag2004 at accessgrid.org.

All speakers will be selected by late-April.  Confirmations will be sent 
via email.

For a panel discussion, a total of 60 minutes of content (including at 
least 10 minutes for questions & answers) should be planned.  The AG 
Retreat 2004 Organizing Committee suggests a maximum 15-minute presentation 
per speaker in order to allow for sufficient audience interaction and 
discussion.  Each speaker will be required to submit their completed 
presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format, on/before by Thursday, May 20, 

For an individual presentation, a 20-minute presentation in Microsoft 
PowerPoint format, due by Thursday, May 20, 2004, is required.

As a special feature, Day 1 of the AG Retreat 2004 has been designated as 
the AG Showcase - a full day of the most interesting, unique, creative 
and/or practical applications and uses of the Access Grid Toolkit.  The AG 
Showcase will include 16 presentations and/or demonstrations, accompanied 
by related posters, selected from proposals received from the AG 

Submissions for presentations in the AG Showcase should reflect the 
innovative range of applications of Access Grid technologies beyond video 
teleconferencing.  Rather, these presentations will explore how the Access 
Grid is being repurposed in unique ways, which often are developed in 
tandem with other technologies.  The AG Showcase will feature work drawn 
from research and development areas such as: Artistic Projects, Scientific 
Visualization, and Grid Computing among others.

Proposals for AG Showcase 2004 should be submitted to via email to 
<ag2004 at accessgrid.org>, by Tuesday, April 20, 2004.  Proposals should 
include a 2-4 page description of each exhibit / demonstration.  Submitters 
should be prepared to provide a 30-minute demonstration presentation or 
talk, along with a poster or display.

Registration and housing information is available from AG Retreat 2004 
website.  NOTE: Registration for this year's AG Retreat will be closed at 
200 registrants.

For more information, please contact the AG Retreat 2004 Organizing 
Committee at <ag2004 at accessgrid.org>.

--AG Retreat 2004 Organizing Committee

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