[AG-TECH] Life of 'service' cert

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 16 15:35:27 CDT 2004

At 02:43 PM 4/16/2004, Randy Groves wrote:
>Until such time as I (or someone) can modify the certificate system in 
>such a way what it pays attention, for instance, to certificates already 
>installed in IE (for example), or in Exchange/Outlook,

I've contemplated support for this, and didn't know that anyone actually 
used certs there :-).

How do folks use these certs - do they type the passphrase once at IE and 
let it hold it? Or are they installed there without passphrases?

I've got the code kicking around somewhere for extracting certs from teh IE 
cert store; post-2.2 I can start thinking about how to integrate that.


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