[AG-TECH] Envision Center opening events

Dwight D.McKay mckay at purdue.edu
Tue Apr 13 22:19:37 CDT 2004


We are running a series of events for the opening of the new  
visualization facility here at Purdue (see below). If you would, please  
join us via AG for the following events. It would be real nice to have  
a few sites to wave to and say "hi" to during our Access Grid talk on  
Thursday and we'll have an opportunity to show AG to the public on  

Please also say hello to my newly trained student node operator!

	Thursday, 4/15, 10am to 11am Eastern Standard Time
	Purdue University Institutional Venue
	Intro. to the Access Grid
	This is being presented for our local users to give them an idea of  
what the Access Grid is about and how they can schedule an event in our  
node. It would be fun to have some other sites we can wave to and say  
hello to so they get a feel for things.

	Saturday, 4/17, 9am to 4pm, Eastern Standard Time
	Purdue University Institutional Venue
	Public Open House
	We hope to run a whole bunch of people through our facility and our AG  
node on Saturday. This Purdue's Gala weekend and we recently got some  
good press on the facility opening.

So what are we opening? See these articles for details:


   Dwight D. McKay, Technical Architect
   Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, Office of the VP for IT,  
Purdue University
   mckay at purdue.edu / 765.494.4481 [VOICE] / 765.496.7264 [FAX] / STEW  

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