[AG-TECH] Recording/Playback of video/audio on the AG

John I Quebedeaux Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Thu Apr 8 15:25:49 CDT 2004

Okay, this might be an obvious question... to be answered... or not... 
but I've been getting (locally) requests to record Access grid (or just 
to use our camera/video capture cameras and audio equipment) for 
recording sessions and playing it back or putting it onto a medium for 
viewing later.

What are my possible solutions for this? Is Voyager the answer for this?

-John Q.
John I. Quebedeaux, Jr.
Computer Manager / LBRN & CCT / LSU 131 Life Sciences Bldg.
e-mail: johnq at lsu.edu or johnq at cct.lsu.edu / web: http://lbrn.lsu.edu & 
phone: 225-578-0062 / fax: 225-578-2597

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