[AG-TECH] (announce) rcBridge 1.1 - multicast/unicast bridge

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Wed Apr 7 22:30:03 CDT 2004

Hi All

We've just released an incremental update to rcbridge, a multicast/unicast bridge with web-based remote control. The remote-control means the person hosting the bridge does not need to manage the bridge for every request, users can do it themselves, anytime. On the client side, nothing is needed, you can just listen to a unicast stream. If you want something smarter, check out rcb-forward, which will re-multicast on your local subnet and manage the "tunnel(s)" for you. 

It also provides user-based stream selection, so you can manage your bandwidth more effectively (AG to the home!)


Besides some minor tweaks and bug fixes, its main new feature is the ability (very controlled/limited) to create a tunnel to an address different to the one you're coming from. You can still only effectively DoS yourself, but now you can also DoS the machine next to you at the same time. This is useful for appliances, etc.

For the enthusiasts, source code is also provided.

As always, feedback is very welcome. 


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