[AG-TECH] Service Manager Error

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 7 11:41:40 CDT 2004

If this is across multiple machines, you should:

    * check that the time is set properly on both machines, preferably
      to an ntp server
    * that you are using hostnames that resolve properly; can you ping
      the node service machine from the service manager machine, and

Beyond that, you can send your agns.log from the node service machine 
and agsm.log from the service manager machine  (from ~/.AccessGrid on 
Linux, C:\Documents and Settings\<YOU>\ApplicationData\AccessGrid on 
Windows), and I'll take a look at the problem.


Todd Reed wrote:

>I just downloaded and installed the AG Toolkit and I'm trying to configure the service manager. I've got the service manager created, but when I try to add a VideoConsumerService I get an error message "Exception: Error adding service: Exception: AGServiceManager.AddService failed: Unknown Reason" Any suggestions?  I get the same message when I try to add any of the three options.
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