Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 5 10:10:16 CDT 2004

We here at ANL are thinking hard about linux, specifically what
distribution(s) and version(s) to support.

What would really help is if folks could give us some idea of what
distributions and revisions they need. 

Looking at the top ten linux distributions in use, it seems pretty clear
that they all use either:

1) source distributions (tarballs),
2) debian packages (or derivatives), or 
3) rpm packages (or derivatives)

We're planning to have a tarball package available this time around. We're
also currently trying to decide what linux's to support. For continuity sake
we'll support RH7.3 for one more release, while we transition to something

The question is RHEL, Fedora, bail on redhat altogether?

We would like to be in the position of providing "base" distributions, ie,
source, a debian and a rpm based distribution that could be used to generate
the various sub-variants (e.g. mandrake, suse, etc). We plan on supporting a
set of "end-user" distributions but which ones and how many obviously tie to
the amount of resources required to support them. 

Therefore, please do put in bugzilla requests for the distributions you'd
like. If they're already there, vote for the ones you want. We'll be
reviewing this and making some decisions pretty soon.


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> Anyone working with the AGTk2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL 3)?
> Yes, I saw and am playing with University of Queensland's 
> Fedora Core RPMS.  Any thoughts in the AG developer community 
> about AG supported versions of Linux?  As we all know, the 
> AG-supported Linux version RHL
> 7.3 is no longer supported by Red Hat and RHL 9.0 expires this month.
> AG site states that support for other Linux versions is "in 
> the works".
> What versions and any idea when?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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