[AG-TECH] Osprey Cards....... Desperation

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Fri Apr 2 15:06:41 CST 2004

Which version of the drivers are you using?  Are these Osprey-100 or 2xx?
Have you been able to avoid the annoying 'two streams on the same card' 
issue that pops up the dialog that says you have to pay Viewcast $600 for 
the privilege?


At 05:21 AM 4/2/2004, Lewis Grantham wrote:
>Hi Stuart
>osprey cards have a few bits that can trip you up.  Im under 2000, but 
>broadly similar:
>to select S-Video, run the vidcap32 (amcap?)  program that gets installed 
>with the drivers.  its a freebie thing in  the program menu, usually under 
>"Osprey multimedia capture"
>you should be able to select each card in order from the options menu and 
>choose the video source settings (input = S-Video, PAL/NTSC etc). These 
>changes get kept as the default for that card, somewhere in the registry I 
>Be careful with the video format options here - the colour formats are not 
>100% supported by VIC, so try and keep these to something like 
>"RGB24".  if Vic fails to bind correctly to each card - best to use VidCap 
>to check the colour format settings.
>vid cap should offer a preview of each card too, to let you check the 
>correct and expected camera shot is there.
>All these bits are under vidcap >> options.
>Also, newer (osprey?) drivers have an annoying habit of adding a virtual 
>device in multicard systems, something like "Default Capture Card".  Its 
>just a pointer to one or other of the real devices, but confuses things a lot.
>Sadly I did not record how I got rid of it, but it was a registry hack, 
>taking out the references to the 'Default' device.  once that one was 
>gone, I was able to access all four cards in our system correctly and 
>reliably.  It was a while ago, but with the virtual device in the way am 
>pretty sure we had the same effect as you , i.e. being unable to select or 
>use number 4 properly.
>we also got a lot of vic errors as successive vic programs would end up 
>trying to share hardware devices - one following the 'default' pointer, 
>and one going direct.
>have a hunt through the registry for the exact 'friendly name' shown at 
>the bottom of the vidcap options menu (something like 'o100vc.dll Osprey 
>card 1')and you should find the correct registry entries to try and 
>as always be very careful in there, and back up any original before 
>commiting changes.
>hope this helps some
>Lewis Grantham LLB MSc
>Project Leader
>Media Resources (Multimedia Unit)
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