[AG-TECH] Osprey Cards....... Desperation

Lewis Grantham l.grantham at ucl.ac.uk
Fri Apr 2 07:21:24 CST 2004

Hi Stuart

osprey cards have a few bits that can trip you up.  Im under 2000, but 
broadly similar:

to select S-Video, run the vidcap32 (amcap?)  program that gets 
installed with the drivers.  its a freebie thing in  the program menu, 
usually under "Osprey multimedia capture"

you should be able to select each card in order from the options menu 
and choose the video source settings (input = S-Video, PAL/NTSC etc). 
These changes get kept as the default for that card, somewhere in the 
registry I guess.

Be careful with the video format options here - the colour formats are 
not 100% supported by VIC, so try and keep these to something like 
"RGB24".  if Vic fails to bind correctly to each card - best to use 
VidCap to check the colour format settings.

vid cap should offer a preview of each card too, to let you check the 
correct and expected camera shot is there.

All these bits are under vidcap >> options.

Also, newer (osprey?) drivers have an annoying habit of adding a virtual 
device in multicard systems, something like "Default Capture Card".  Its 
just a pointer to one or other of the real devices, but confuses things 
a lot.

Sadly I did not record how I got rid of it, but it was a registry hack, 
taking out the references to the 'Default' device.  once that one was 
gone, I was able to access all four cards in our system correctly and 
reliably.  It was a while ago, but with the virtual device in the way am 
pretty sure we had the same effect as you , i.e. being unable to select 
or use number 4 properly.

we also got a lot of vic errors as successive vic programs would end up 
trying to share hardware devices - one following the 'default' pointer, 
and one going direct.

have a hunt through the registry for the exact 'friendly name' shown at 
the bottom of the vidcap options menu (something like 'o100vc.dll Osprey 
card 1')and you should find the correct registry entries to try and 

as always be very careful in there, and back up any original before 
commiting changes.

hope this helps some


Lewis Grantham LLB MSc
Project Leader
Media Resources (Multimedia Unit)
Windeyer Building
Cleveland St


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