[AG-TECH] FireWire Cameras and VIC

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Tue Nov 11 17:16:55 CST 2003


Been there, done that......didn't work :-)

Firewire "Netcams" (ie: IBot from orangemicro) work under windows because
they produce Video and have a video for windows (or whatever the new driver
model is called) driver. VIC will be happy with these cams under windows
(our AGCUBE is actually using 3 of these cameras as its input).

MiniDV cams are different beast all together. They produce RAW DV on their
firewire connection that VIC has no idea how to use (BTW other video capture
programs don't work either unless they know how to deal with DV codecs in
windows.....ie: nonlinear editing packages). Orange micro sells a
program/hack that "processes" RAW DV from firewire miniDV cams and creates a
capture device so capture programs like netmeeting and vic can access these
cameras. The trouble with this is it's too CPU intensive to run 3 cams on
one machine (I don't even know if the program will allow you to run it 3
times......maybe if you install it in different directories).

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> Thanks...sorry for the slow response. I accidentally sacked my SMTP
> server the other day...I wondered why there was nobdy posting to the AG
> mailing list all of a sudden!
> I'll try the Grid with the Cannon XL1....it should be interesting. Do
> you know anybody that actually uses a node with multiple firewire cameras?
> -Doug
> Jeremy Mann wrote:
> >Gurcharan S. Khanna said:
> >
> >
> >
> >>just want to make sure what i'm reading here: vic supports
> >>firewire cameras as input devices? i guess i missed that.
> >>does that mean firewire dv cams as well? is there documentation on this?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >VIC supports (under Windows) any video device that uses a Windows video
> >capture driver. I forget the name, MS Capture or something like that. Now
> >Linux is a different story, BUT it is possible. The guys at the Asia
> >Pacific Grid have an excellent tutorial and patches for VIC that allow
> >Firewire cameras to work with the libdc control library. I use several
> >Firewire cameras with this.
> >
> >Firewire DV cams are very different and probably won't work.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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