[AG-TECH] Is there something wrong with the virtual venue server?

Baker, A (Alex) A.Baker at rl.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 02:16:12 CST 2003



I've been having problems contacting the venue server
(venues.accessgrid.org) I had problems around yesterday lunchtime (GMT) but
it seemed to get working again quite quickly. Then it happened again at
about 1600 GMT and since then has not been working. All my pings time out,
so I did a tracert, and it got all the way to guava-esnet.anchor.anl.gov
before stopping. Is anyone else having similar problems?





Alex Baker                                   

Access Grid Operator,

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Phone: 01235 778144

Mobile: 07732095225

Email: a.baker at rl.ac.uk <mailto:a.baker at rl.ac.uk> 



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