[AG-TECH] Hauppage WinTV USB cards

Hubert Daugherty hd at rice.edu
Sun Nov 30 19:12:02 CST 2003

I got around this problem by using Winnov Videum 1000 VO Plus cards.

They are only about $150 and they support the PCI-X cards 3.3volt
interface.  Here's a link to the spec:

I've got three of these working with the AG 2.1 software.


Adam Quiney wrote:

>I should have mentioned that the reason our machine
>can only accomodate one PCI Hauppage card is because
>the machine has one PCI slot and a bunch of PCI-X
>slots, which apparently will not fit the Hauppage
>cards.  I'm hoping that I can solve this problem by
>using one PCI capture card and two USB cards, but
>would like to double check and make sure this is
>--- "Carter, Tameka" <ttcarter at bnl.gov> wrote:
>>I don't know about the USB capture cards, but I
>>usually make the video
>>producer open three VIC windows to use our three
>>Hauppauge cards.  When an
>>error shows up, I am then able to select the other
>>cards.  It seems to be an
>>okay workaround for the card's incompatibility.
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>>Hi everyone,
>>Has anyone had any experience using the Hauppage
>>USB capture cards with an AG setup?  We received one
>>our computers today only to discover that we can
>>accomodate one of the cards (oops), and are now
>>looking to the USB cards as an alternative.
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