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Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 24 20:49:39 CST 2003

Hi George,
The process of dealing with certificates has not changed since the change
that occured between 2.0 and 2.1. In 2.0 you used certificate request tools
provided by the Globus Toolkit. In 2.1 you use the UI you describe below. It
sounds like you are having problems getting the request to actually happen.
Perhaps if you sent the log files and/or submitted a bug report on this it
would be easier for us to figure out. The log files are typically in
\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\AccessGrid\*.log.
Related to your "other note" :-), I whole heartedly agree with your
sentiment. The past year has been a hurricane of activity, not all of which
has been coordinated in the best manner. In order to try and attain the
goals you are talking about we could use a couple of things:
1) developers who want to do some work :), we have alot of users, some
disguised as node operators, but we don't have very many active developers
outside of ANL. We'd be happy to have some. We are only a team of 4.5-ish,
there is alot of work to do and we would be happy to help other people do
2) We need to be a bit more open about the project, it's directions and
status. This was pointed out to me at SC last week, I'm looking for
solutions that don't create other problems.
There are various other points that I have a hard time understanding, ie,
what the old mailing list is, the points about documentation, etc. If you
can perhaps be more specific I'd be happy to address these concerns.
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Hi all,
            I remember seeing something about the Certificate process
changed?  But we decided to give 2.1.2 a go again, and everything seems to
be exactly the same as it used to be.  The software asks to create a
certificate request and the same dialogs and info come up about waiting two
days, etc.  Is there something I should do differently?  I mean, seriously,
it's been now 6 months we've tried to use version 2 and can never even get
past the certificate part.  
On another note.  I know I am probably preaching to the choir, but I'd like
to take the opportunity to voice some of my observations about the project.
It seems as though every time there is a new version released there are more
functionality additions, but notes about "this is a bug, will be fixed in a
new release".  It seems to me that we would be better suited with rock solid
releases, and add features later.  There are some issues, especially the
certificates, etc., that we've known about for a while.  I mean, I could be
completely wrong on this point, but what are the chances of focusing on one
good release soon, and at the same time, a complete re-vamping of the
website with Accurate documentation and removal of all the old archaic
information there.  The ONLY way to actually install this software is to
read the old mailing list, and subscribe and watch it for a while.  The
documents are not up to date.  I constantly see on the list, references to
documentation with notes about how you actually do parts different.  I know
this is an open source program, and community tested, but maybe we'd serve
ourselves a little better to be more professional with the documentation and
release schedules.  
That said, we don't believe everything is bad.  We're still using version
1.2 here successfully, with minor problems.  And the software is great,
especially the wish lists.  Just thought I'd stick my unsolicited 2 cents in
with the hopes that we can keep this issue in light of everything else.
Hope I haven't crashed and burned too bad :p
Glover George
Systems Administrator
High Performance Visualization Lab
University of Southern Mississippi
glover.george at usm.edu
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