[AG-TECH] Re: AG Installation

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Nov 24 12:47:56 CST 2003

>>1. Get the windows box client to recognise the Linux machine's Simple
>>CA for getting the certificates ?
>>         ( will I have to hack thru the python scripts ? or some option is
>>available )

I'm not sure what you mean by recognizing the simple ca for certs. If 
you're issuing your own certs with a globus simple ca, you're going to have 
to import the CA certificate into any machines that you're going to use 
with those certs, as well as importing the users' identity certs.

>>2. Get the WIndows  machine to be multicast enabled : Do you know of some
>>reliable softwatre , or are there any settings that you know of ?

Like Jennifer said, this is a network issue; you shouldn't have to do 
anything on the win box to make it understand multicast (well, usually - if 
you have multiple network interfaces, or are using something like VMware 
that installs additional interfaces, there is some tweaking that you may 
have to do).

>>3. Initaially , I had setup the gpt3.0 on both the machines and had
>>planend to get the grid up and running and then put up the AG on top of
>>it. But when i have proceeded to the AG installation , the package has
>>GPT1.0 ( with linux AG distribution ) and GPT2.0 ( with win2k AG dist.) .
>>Will the "downgrading" of gpt have any problems ?

I'm not sure what you're referring to with respect to GPT2.0 on the win2k 
distribution; we aren't using GPT  there (GPT being the Globus Packing 
Technology stuff). On the linux side, I'm not sure if the later GPT 
versions are backward compatible with the older Globus we require.


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