[AG-TECH] Re: AG Installation

Lee Derks derksl at unm.edu
Mon Nov 24 12:16:44 CST 2003


    For some reason, the Access Grid Toolkit software liked my computer this
morning. I uninstalled the software like I did on numerous occasions. This
time, after the uninstall applications completed, I went into the registry
editor and deleted all traces of Python & AGTK. I reinstalled the software
and it seems to work. I just need my Globus certificate.

Lee Derks

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> Hi Lee,
> Hmm, that's strange behavior; I don't believe the lack of multicast
> would have any effect on the "request certificate" function. Does it
> just not respond at all, or does it give you any kind of error message?
> I'm also not sure why you'd need to run the Node Setup wizard on a
> personal node, but perhaps I'm just missing something here.
> I'm cc-ing ag-tech, since I haven't seen anything like this before but
> perhaps somebody else has.
> Cheers,
> Jennifer
> Lee Derks wrote:
> > Hi Jennifer,
> >
> >     I'm sorry to bother you with AG software installation questions, but
> > are trying to set up an AG PIG at the TVN main office. As of today,
> > multicast is not enabled on our router but it will be by Monday. I went
> > the Access Grid software page and downloaded Python 2.2, wxPython 2.4,
> > the AG Toolkit 2.1.2. I also installed the software in that order. I do
> > have a Globus security certificate. When I try requesting a certificate
> > through the program "Request Certificate," the application does not do
> > anything. Do I need to launch other applications before I can request a
> > certificate? Or, is it because Multicast is not enabled? I also tried
> > launching the program "Node Setup Wizard" and that did not work either.
> >
> > Thank you for your help
> > Lee Derks
> >
> >

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