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Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 20 16:00:43 CST 2003

Hi Gavin (Max?)

At 12:07 20/11/2003 -0500, Gavin W. Burris aka 86 wrote:
>I recently became aware of the Internet2 VidMid push to the H.320
>standard of video conferencing.  
>H.350 includes H.323 hardware codecs, which are compatible through
>bridging with VRVS.

H.350 isn't a new codec or signalling protocol as such. It's basically a metadata schema to describe identities of people and terminals, to allow for e.g. directory lookups, AAA, etc. for H.323 (and SIP, and potentially others) terminals. That way I can make a H.323 call to "Gavin W. Burris at PSU.edu", and have a known path through various directories to identify you and your location, and perhaps your capabilities (you're on the road->ring the cell phone; you're in the office->ring the PC; you're in a meeting marked not-to-be-disturbed-unless-urgent and it's urgent->ring the meeting-room-phone). And so on.

The schema will probably be relevant in the AG in due course, but for the moment we only have venues :-)


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