[AG-TECH] Re: Setting up a Room-based node (was "")

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 13 11:20:55 CST 2003

Hi Peter:

I expect you have your certificate by now.  Assuming you have it, you 

-  Import the certificate
-  Run NodeSetupWizard.py, to configure your node
    (you should have run AGServiceManager.py on each machine before 
starting the wizard)
-  Enter a venue
    You should see the media tools (rat and vic) start, which will allow 
you to interact with other people in the venue

The node setup wizard does much of what is described in the document we 
wrote to describe how to set up a room-based node.  You can find the doc at:

The doc was targeted at the 2.0 release, so does not reflect changes 
made since then.

I hope this helps,


Peter DeSantis wrote:

>Hi im setting up an room based access grid, and i have found the current documentation on the website to be out of date.
>My hardware is 1 x PC = 3 screen parhelia+ 1g450 matrox control screen
>                        1x PC = 4 Osprey 200 video capture cards
>                        1xPC = Audio input (via soundmax onboard audio on mainbaord)
>All 3 pc are 3gig P4, XP pro, 1 gig ram, Asus p4p800 mainboards, 1gig LAN (3com)
>All Pc hardware is tested andf works independantly.
>I have installed the latest AG toolkit 2.12, active state Python and wxPython extentions.
>I have run the venu client, and sent awway for my security certificate (it says 2 day turnaround time), and i assume once i integrate this currently disabled functions will work.
>My question is then what ? I have no guide or idea as to what i do next,
>Eg how do i link the display PC via the network to the vc and AC computers to stream local video and audio to others.
>What do i install on the VC and AC machines to achieve this ?
>Does anyone have a current step by stemp setup guide for the above config they can point me to, all the other info on the web talks about win2000 and linux machine combinations ?
>Any pointers appreciated
>Peter DeSantis
>peter at jumbovision.com.au
>Jumbo Vision International Pty Ltd
>Unit 2 ,1 Aitken Way
>Kewdale WA 6105
>Tel: 61 8 9353 6200
>Fax: 61 8 9353 6211

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