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Peter DeSantis peter at
Tue Nov 11 01:06:04 CST 2003

Hi im setting up an room based access grid, and i have found the current documentation on the website to be out of date.

My hardware is 1 x PC = 3 screen parhelia+ 1g450 matrox control screen
                        1x PC = 4 Osprey 200 video capture cards
                        1xPC = Audio input (via soundmax onboard audio on mainbaord)

All 3 pc are 3gig P4, XP pro, 1 gig ram, Asus p4p800 mainboards, 1gig LAN (3com)

All Pc hardware is tested andf works independantly.

I have installed the latest AG toolkit 2.12, active state Python and wxPython extentions.

I have run the venu client, and sent awway for my security certificate (it says 2 day turnaround time), and i assume once i integrate this currently disabled functions will work.

My question is then what ? I have no guide or idea as to what i do next,
Eg how do i link the display PC via the network to the vc and AC computers to stream local video and audio to others.
What do i install on the VC and AC machines to achieve this ?

Does anyone have a current step by stemp setup guide for the above config they can point me to, all the other info on the web talks about win2000 and linux machine combinations ?

Any pointers appreciated


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