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Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 11 18:09:49 CST 2003

Hi Adam

Very sorry for the delay in responding, I am waayy behind on my AG mail.

At 11:18 3/11/2003 -0800, Adam Quiney wrote:
>I've been assigned by my supervisor to implement a
>bridge between AG nodes and NetMeeting clients.  I
>currently have pretty limited knowledge with regards
>to network protocols, and the type of protocols that
>AG and NetMeeting both use.  I've been reading as much
>as possible into the specifications for H.323 and RTP,
>but I still feel incredibly overwhelmed.

It is a hard problem. And, unfortunately, one I have had 3 students working on all this year already, they will finish in a few weeks time and we will release the code to the community then. The last test I saw it was working nicely - just crashed occassionally (only when demoing to their supervisor, or so they claim :-))

We might need to discuss if you want to work on that code base and enhance it, to avoid you reinventing a rather large wheel. Or if there are other aspects you could tackle that we haven't looked at yet. One example would be T.120 - which is another hard problem (probably harder, since there is no real T.120-like service in the AG as yet, but mimicked by various approaches).

Our current code allows H.323 devices to dial into a service somewhere and pick up one of a selection of display layouts. Like an MCU it has different layout options, with a background mechanism to map different AG video streams into different positions of the display and control their behaviour on the display.

There's a bunch of things the students didn't finish though, or that we took out of scope, that we could pass around as a project. If you like, you and I and your supervisor could perhaps discuss in email (or a phone call, if we can find a common time).

Conversely, there are a bunch of other problem areas in the AG that would be great projects to work on. Ivan and the gang have a wishlist somewhere I'm sure, and if they don't I do :-)


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