[AG-TECH] AddServiceManager error

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 6 12:06:23 CST 2003


It appears that ag-display.ucs.ualberta.ca is not a valid name for the 
machine you're using. 

08/28/03 10:51:42 4044 AG.VenueClientUIClasses 
venueclientuiclasses.py:3166 CRITICAL VerifyExecutionEnvironment: This 
may be due to the hostname being set to something different than the 
name to which the IP address of this computer maps, or to the the 
hostname not being fully qualified with the full domain.

 From the log, wks9280.ucs.ualberta.ca is a valid name for the machine.  
Try using that instead.

Let me know if there are more problems.


Jon I Johansson wrote:

>Hi Thomas,
>I've attached agns.log and agsm.log as you asked and
>included VenueClient.log.
>I've also copied AG-Tech this time.
>Thank you for your help.

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