[AG-TECH] Cisco 6500 and Native IOS

Gregory Bell grbell at lbl.gov
Tue Mar 25 12:06:57 CST 2003


We had problems with 12.1(8b)EX3, then we switched to 12.1(12c)E4 after quite a bit of testing.  Recently, though, we debugged a problem with that release involving MSDP peering with a Juniper router.  I'm in the process of testing a patched version of 12.1(12c)E4.  

>From the last thread, I think several people said they were happy with 12.1(12c)E2.  

The last time I checked, the Cisco documentation on hybrid-to-native conversion was misleading.  I can send you our notes on that process offline, if you're interested.

- Greg

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Michael Robson wrote:

>I have discovered that I need to move some of our Cisco 6500
>switch routers over from Hybrid to Native IOS in order to use
>QOS within our network. I remember that a while ago there was
>some discussion on versions of native IOS that caused problems 
>with multicast traffic: What problems have people seen with
>multicasting and/or what other issues are there that might 
>affect the choice of version to use?
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