[AG-TECH] Osprey 210 Simulstream?

Michael Gates mgates at sdsc.edu
Tue Mar 25 10:46:00 CST 2003

I run the simpler Osprey 100 cards and got the same message.  You have to
configure each VIC capture (not display) to point to each different osprey
card and you won't get the message anymore.  If you only have a single
osprey card and are getting the message, then make sure that there aren't
ANY other applications running that would talk to the card (config/control
apps, old instances of VIC that don't show in the taskbar but do show in
task manager, etc).

As I understand it, the display VIC gets all of the video streams from the
network (including the local one), so it should not be accessing the video
capture card.

hope this helps,

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i just installed these cards in a PIG, too, but haven't noticed a problem.
however, i just assumed the muted thumbnails were responsible for the
grayed-out images on the capture windows. i'll go back and double-check
but i didn't get any messages about "simulstream" either.


--- Randy Groves wrote:
Just installed a new node machine, with a Osprey 210, and the PIG.  This
came with newer drivers than I have on other machines of mine, and it looks
like they've split out the capability for multiple applications to grab the
stream from a single card.  As a result, I get a message that I need to
purchase the 'Simulstream' capability for this card (for $600!!!) in order
the picture to show up in both the Display and Capture windows.  Is my
of the situation correct?  In the older drivers, this capability seems to
been included.

Anybody else run into this?


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