[AG-TECH] AG and firewalls

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The Cisco PIX supports stub multicast routing as of 6.2(1).  The latest
stable release however, is 6.2(2).  It will provide the ability to restrict
access to certain groups/addresses as well.

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What firewall hardware/software are people using when they put AG
nodes behind firewalls?  My local mcast expert says she knows of no
hardware firewall that properly supports mcast, so both she and I are
curious about other people's setups.

At the moment, we're trying to put up firewalls around ours using
ZoneAlarm on the display machine and iptables on audio and video.  The
ZoneAlarm stuff seems to be working fine, but we're only part way
through the iptables stuff.  If anyone's done this and has examples
they can share, I'd be most appreciative.

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