[AG-TECH] strange video smears

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Mar 21 10:42:52 CST 2003

At 10:36 AM 3/21/2003 -0600, Jeremy Mann wrote:

>I am encountering a weird problem with VIC. When using VIC to display
>local video, i get colored smears across the window whenever I move. At
>first I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but when I started XawTV I
>get a smooth, perfect 30 fps output. What video layer does VIC use, XV,
>X11, XShm?

is this just with video you're capturing, or is it with other streams as well?

Did you recompile vic? There is a bug that shows up when vic is built with 
optimization on some versions of gcc where the h261 encoding goes south, 
and vic eventually crashes.


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