[AG-TECH] Linux as display node

Justin Binns binns at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Mar 18 10:28:11 CST 2003

vrm-eventlistener is a script that invokes a Java client component that
writes a (rather complex) TCL script, and passes that into vic (just like
you have with your TCL script).  That's how it gets all the settings in

There are two answers to your question.  First, you *can* use the Event
Server, you'd just have to build it yourself - if you check out the CVS
source, you'll get the copy of Orbacus used in AG 1.x, which you can build
under linux to get a linux binary for the Event Server (it's straight out
of the Orbacus distribution).  In fact, with the latest stuff, you should
get a 'drm' for display (we've run full Linux-based PIG nodes using the
latest AG 1.x software).

The second answer is to again grab the source, and look in the Java source
for the methods that construct the above TCL script to figure out what it
should look like.  But we aren't doing anything that can't be done
manually (albeit, by writing a TCL script, but still...)


On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Jeremy Mann wrote:

> I have come across a slight problem when using Linux as a display node.
> Obviously I can't use the Event Server, so I am doing it manually with
> scripts that call vic and rat. What the problem is, before when using
> Windows as display computer, starting vrm-eventlistener on the video node
> started vic with 800 kbps video rate. Now doing it manually with vic -t
> 127 -D /dev/video0 address/port, I can only get 128 kbps.
> I found I could write a small TCL script and and call it inside of the vic
> statement and found an example online. So I increased the video bitrate to
> my desired level, but it still reverts to 128 no matter what bitrate I
> tell it to use.
> What extra things have been done to vrm-eventlistener and can they be
> modified to work manually with vic?
> Thanks.
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