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On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Osland, CD (Chris)  wrote:

> I know it's really bad form to reply to your own mailing, but I
OK IMO if you discover new facts or find the answer ...

> As I've mentioned in another thread, we're interested in higher
> resolution video streams - PAL for starters, XGA would also be
> nice - and these will presumably require CPU power, presumably
> in proportion to the area (in pixels).  Therefore, with the
> current video streams being about 110K pixels and requiring
> about 1400/20 = 70 MHz, PAL streams (768x576 = 440K pixels

I wondered if there was any advantage in feeding a bT878 card from
a PAL camera as against an NTSC one when using Vic.
The data sheet for the Sony EVI-D100/D100P says 768 x 494 effective 
pixels for NTSC and 752 x 582 for PAL.

Probably more trouble than it's worth for us here in North America


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