[AG-TECH] New Node Assitance Please - Inbound audio & video freezes

Maat, Steve maats at wssu.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:57:10 CST 2003

I am trying to isolate a problem that occured yesterday during Open Testing
where our inbound audio & video would periodically  freeze (approx ever 5
minutes). This is a new node and -- any assistance/advice would be

CPU & memory looks good on all machines as far as I can tell (TOP & Task
Manager). The only error messages I see are on the Video Capture machine:

vic: Unregister caught error can't unset "ag_slot_allocated (-0159)": no
such variable
vic: Source was zz at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

This occurs numerous times with the Source info and "ag_slot_allocated"
number varying.

Following are the node specs:

 2.4GHz P4,
 512MB RAM,
 SoundBlaster PCI128,
 Redhat 7.3 w/updates (kernel 2.4.18),
 AG software is the snap-006 release applied via update script,
 OSS 397 Drivers,
 Using rat defaults on startup

 Dual 700MHz Zeon,
 512MB RAM,
 Hauppauge WinTV (QTY 4),
 Redhat 7.3 w/updates (kernel 2.4.18),
 AG software is the snap-006 release applied via update script,
 Using vic defaults on startup

 Dual PIII 1.5GHz,
 Matrox G200 (hoping to eventually get a PC that can also handle an AGP
 Win2k with lastest Critical Fixes & ServicePacks,
 AG Toolkit v1.2

...all on an Intel 410T Switch for the network connection.

Time is synced on all machines.

Symptoms are:
On Display machine - remote video freezes, local video continues working
On Audio machine - received audio streams in RAT disappear from display
Eventully audio and video will just start working again.
Mary indicated that our outbound streams to other nodes was not interrupted
- and there were no voiced complaints on RX quality or our streams.

FWIW... I have been lurking in the test room since 11am this morning without
any interruption in the video streams. Haven't done anything with audio yet

I'll be here most the afternoon if anyone could stop by for a few minutes to
assist in troubleshooting. I've contacted our network folks who are standing
by in case it happens again...


Stephen Maat
Winston-Salem State University
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