[AG-TECH] AG2 OS support

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 12 06:28:32 CST 2003

I've run AG 2.0 on Win2K - seems to work fine.


On Mar 11,  9:25pm, Ti Leggett wrote:
> Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] AG2 OS support
> First off we highly encourage you to test out the AG 2.0 software but I
> would discourage you upgrading a node to it completely as it is alpha
> (about to be beta). You can have both AG 1.x and AG 2.0 on the same
> machine(s) and they *shouldn't* interfere with each other.
> I think the page should read Win2000 and WinXP are supported (at least
> that's what I've been making as a requirement for the windows
> installer). Though I haven't actually tested it out on Win2k.
> On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 20:39, Rod Harris wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > 	I've begun upgrading our AG Node to the AG2 software and we are still
> > running some machines on Windows 2000.
> >
> > On the compatibility page it says that Win 2000 is not supported, I was
> > wondering if this meant it had been tested and the AG2 software definitely
> > doesn't work on it or if it just hadn't been tested yet.
> >
> > 	Thanks
> > 		Rod
> >
>-- End of excerpt from Ti Leggett

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