[AG-TECH] video resource manager not finding my video resources

Sam Liston stliston at chpc.utah.edu
Tue Mar 11 12:43:05 CST 2003

I"ve installed the PIG software on several machines around the office
here at CHPC.  With each installation I used the Logitech QuickCam Pro
4000 on WinXP w/SP1, and in each previous installation I have had no
problems.  Well, now I am setting up a machine dedicated solely to being
a PIG and am having problems.  When I start up the PIG software the VRM
comes up with no space for IP information.  I have tried editing the
"video config" file, with no success.  I am also able to manually
initalize video capture through the menu in VIC, so I know the camera is
functioning.  Any sugesstions?
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