[AG-TECH] GGF7 AG Sessions

Brian Corrie brian.corrie at newmic.com
Wed Mar 5 00:26:40 CST 2003

OK, must have been the home link... I have not witnessed this before from
home but who knows, maybe my neighbour was downloading MP3's 8-)

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	I had the guys back at the office review the recording from yesterday
	afternoon's session.  They did not see the loss like Brian described.
	the network from here Asia to Chicago seems ok, so hopefully the rest
of the
	sessions will be trouble free.
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	I tuned into the AG Tutorial from GGF7 for a while last night. There
was a
	very high level of intermittent packet loss that made the audio
unusable for
	part of the session. I am not sure if this was a result of the
	connection or my home connection (I tuned in from home). I think I
	the same thing from work as well but I am not 100% sure as I didn't
tune in
	from work for very long. Packet loss was up to 60% for a burst of
about a
	second or two and then it would return to normal.
	Just a heads up in case it happens again for further sessions at GGF.
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	> GGF7AGTutorial -View Only LIVE&#12
	> 288;&#6532
	> 6;OW 
	> I recorded the afternoon session.  I will not be able to play
	> it back this
	> week as we are recording the other sessions as well as
	> replaying the day's
	> plenary sessions.  I will set up a time next week to replay it.

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